marking/marching ghana’s independence day

In Notes on 17 March, 2012 at 6:16 pm

on 6 march, my camera and i attended ghana’s 55th independence day celebration in the heart of tamale.

"long live ghana"

in the days leading towards the event, i saw children from tamale to chereponi marching in their school yards.


happy re-birth day, ghana

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6 march 1957: independence day

on this day 55 years ago, ghana was liberated from colonial rule. dr. kwame nkrumah began his speech on 6 march 1957, “at long last, the battle has ended! and thus, ghana, your beloved country is free forever!” more than half a century later, i am moved by his words.

take a leap today

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happy birthday, layla

on this day, more than two decades ago, mama africa gave birth to a beautiful little girl. mama africa knew that she would be a gift to the world.

“how do i let the human beings know that this girl’s existence will change the world?”