reclaiming valentine’s day

In Thoughts on 14 February, 2012 at 12:29 pm

i am a romantic. that is (one of the reasons) why i don’t believe in valentine’s day.

my heart bleeds every time i see yet another

kitchy card with a generic message like “i love the way you say ‘i love you’ and the way you’re always there”.
…freakishly large white teddy bear with a red heart stamped across its chest.
…fake red rose that doubles as a disco light with the turn of a plastic switch (seriously. they exist).

i imagine that every time somebody buys one of these awful products, cupid shoots himself with his bow and arrow. as bob marley and the wailers might have asked, is this love, is this love, is this love that i see on shelves every valentine’s day?

no, good people! it is not. this day is no longer about love. it is about capitalists getting fat off the naivety and neediness of all the lonely people in the world. (side note – i differentiate between “alone” and “lonely” – you can be alone and content. you can be in a relationship and lonely.)

today, comrades, is a revolutionary day – for me at least. today, mona the romantic is joining forces with mona the feminist to “take back the day” in the name of love.

i hereby declare v-day vaginal rights day.

this concept is inspired by joya:
(1) whose friend once described her activism for gender equality as “fighting for vaginal rights” (hilarious. it stuck with me.)
(2) who has been known to send “vagina happy facts” to her mail list on v-day.

so joya, happy vaginal rights day! this first one is dedicated to you.

  1. I love this Mona! We need a P-day too 😉

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