things to do on v-day

In Thoughts on 14 February, 2012 at 5:37 pm

today is vaginal rights day! today is a day that everybody – single, married, in a relationship, “it’s complicated”, “not defined by marital status” – can celebrate.

the concept of vaginal rights day is under construction, but what i’d like to highlight this year is pleasure, not pressure.

pleasure, not pressure – the theme for v-day in 2012 – can be interpreted in a number of ways. here are some ideas for things to do this v-day:

(1) nothing. absolutely nothing. why? because there’s no pressure!

(2) think about what gives you pleasure. (visiting your nephew? taking a long bath? jumping in puddles?) make time for the little things that make you happy today.

(3) you could go all activist-y and take pleasure, not pressure to mean that you campaign for the rights of women and men to have full control over their bodies. no means no! and yes means oh yes, yes, yes!

(4) you could take the theme literally and provide pleasure to a deserving and desiring vagina – your own or another’s. (in the latter case, please ensure it is consensual.)

(5) read the vagina monolouges.

(6) write/call/SMS/email your mother – whose vagina brought you into the world. if your mother, like mine, is no longer of the earthly realm, write to her anyways. she still has your back, so she may be looking over your shoulder to read your letter.

(7) learn more about vajayjays (beyond the sanitary stuff you learnt in biology class).

the possibilities are endless. happy v-day! no pressure. only pleasure.

  1. Number 6 pulled my heart strings. Thank you for this little feild notes, its all about pleasure this month.

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